Thursday, February 19, 2015

Are You a Gossip?

I've been reading a chapter on gossip in my Online Bible study about what to say, how to say it, and whether to say nothing at all.  Gossip is one of those pesky little exciting things that occurs sometimes.  Some people just love to know all about people and their situations, not because they care, but because they want to be the one "in the know" so they can spread the information.  Somehow this can make a person feel important.

I'm like everyone else - I say things about people that I shouldn't sometimes.  I try to catch myself, but sometimes I fail.  I'm always sorry when the wrong things slip out of my mouth and believe me, the ones listening will not hesitate to repeat your words.

When my mind is engaged and thinking with kindness, I hold my tongue.  When we encounter gossip from others, what can we do?  We can either fan the flames and join in, or we can walk away or counter with a positive.  If we do the latter often enough, we will get out of the gossip loop.  No one likes to gossip with someone who won't get excited and participate.

Reading about gossip and the damage it can do to others and ourselves definitely puts it in the forefront of my mind so that I can catch myself if tempted.  We get a new chance each day to be a better person.  Every day is a gift....think and say only good about others today.  Like my Mother always said to me - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  Good advice. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

But It's a Blizzard outside!

This morning around 4 am I awoke to the wind howling and the windows rattling.  This was after a day of shoveling snow and clearing walkways to make my shop accessible.  I got up and looked outside at the blizzard conditions, the flag standing out straight in the wind, and the powdery snow blowing into drifts all around the house!

I thought about the conditions outside and worried about the roads and needing to get groceries and things I need to do today which I couldn't see happening in these conditions.  I woke Roy up and asked him how he could just sleep with the world going crazy outside!  He replied "confidence".

Well, what does that mean, I asked?  He said that whatever comes along we can handle it.  Worrying about it won't change anything.  We don't know what might happen, but whatever it is we will figure out what to do and take care of it.

Those words sounded vaguely familiar to me - something like words I have said before!  Oh, it's hard to put those words in practice without a reminder every now and then.  So I thought, ok, I'll just turn my worries over to God and go back to sleep as I will surely need my rest going into this day.

Now I'm awake and everything has settled down outside.  The temps are to drop below zero tonight, but, you know what?  I can't do anything about that.  Every day is a gift.....I will try to protect my water pipes from freezing, stay inside as much as I can, check on Mother, and enjoy this day with confidence that God is watching over us.  What troubles and concerns are you facing today?  Be assured that God is right there beside you and lifting you up and giving you the strength you need whatever comes your way.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Put That in the God Knows Best Pile

I was chatting with my daughter the other day, and we were discussing life in general and how to get through the tough times and tough days. She said something profound about things we have no control over - it went something like this - I just put that over there in the pile of God knows best things.  Basically, turn that problem over to God, and try to get on with living.

Honestly, I wonder how much time we spend being worried about and feeling responsible for things that we do not have control over and things that we cannot change.  I have found that in times of trouble, the first thing I have to do is get my mind wrapped around what just happened, and then learn to accept, and then begin to move forward again with my life - not as if nothing happened because some things change us forever - but to live the life we have in the best, most fulfilling way possible.  We just have to play the game with the cards we are dealt and always be grateful for what we do have and give our best effort every single day.

Every day is a gift.....if you are going through something you do have control over, try to do what you can to correct things....if it is something you have no control over, then wrap your mind around the new normal and live every single day in the best way you can.  Never give up...there is always sunshine to be found.

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