Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Be a Friend

Sometimes when people are hurting...from grief or pain or illness....they shut others out.  It is easy to just go within yourself and dwell in misery and become angry over the hurt and angry at everyone around you because you are hurting.  But all the time, there are friends who would love to stand by you and help give you strength, if only you would let them in.

I experienced this once with a friend in Florida.  She ran a gift shop and I had a friendship with her through the shop.  I painted items that she bought from me to resell and I so enjoyed our friendship.  That was until she found out she had breast cancer.  She became angry with everyone...I would stop by to see her, and maybe take her a little love gift, and she would not speak to me.  Finally....I went away.  She got better, but our friendship was gone, as I was afraid to approach her again.

Every day is a gift.....If you are hurting and there are friends who care...let them in.  Tell them what you need.  Hang out with them and allow yourself to live and love and laugh again.  It's ok, really, to laugh again.  I have learned this through my own tragedies in life....I thought I could never laugh again, but slowly and gradually over time I was able to.  That doesn't mean the hurt is gone...it just means that life is short, and we are to live it to the fullest, moving forward one step at a time.  Let a friend in today...or be a friend to someone who needs some love and comfort.