Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Peace, Love, Crochet!

I saw this graphic on Pinterest, and it inspired me to write a little more about the prayer shawl ministry that I am involved in.  It is amazing what it has done for my life and that of others, and this graphic pretty much sums it up!  So I will expand on these thoughts!

I have described in previous blogs how I got started this past January in the prayer shawl ministry .  I have also described some of the gifts given in another blog  If you haven't read these, you might want some history.

In 2012, I have made 45 prayer shawls, around 20 chemo caps, and various other scarves and neck warmers.  Once I got started, there is no stopping me.

We all live in a world of turmoil and stress and busyness and pressures, and I have found that crocheting is the one very organized things I can do to de-stress my mind - it gives me peace in many ways.  When I can't sleep at night - I crochet.  When I am nervously waiting on something - I crochet.  When I am having my morning coffee and visiting with my husband - I crochet.  When I relax and watch television or listen to music at night - I crochet.  I have even begun to crochet during breaks from work in my antique/gift shop on occasion.  It helps my mind to work things out and the methodical stitching calms me.  Another calming aspect is that I am able to make something that I can give to help relieve the stress of someone else.

When a prayer shawl is presented to someone - it represents love, peace, prayers, hugs, support, comfort - all these wonderful things can be found by the giving and the receiving of this shawl.  I have given many away to various people who have come into my life and are experiencing serious health problems or grief in their lives.  I have made more than I have people to give them to, so I decided to sell some of them with the $ received to go to my church for community outreach.  I wasn't sure at the time that this was a good idea as I didn't really want it to be perceived as a commercial venture.  But to my surprise, it has been so rewarding, as people from all over the country are purchasing them through my store on Etsy .  These individuals have asked me to say extra prayers for specific things and enclose loving notes from them in the package.  This gives me a feeling of warmth to be a part of something much bigger than me - sending love and prayers in a box - and knowing the reaction of the person on the other end.  Examples: one to Colorado for a lady undergoing brain surgery and her sister wanted to comfort her, another  to California again from a lady wanting to comfort her sister who is very ill, another to Florida to be given to a Grandmother who is terminally ill, and more.

God has given me many gifts, and one of them is the ability to make these beautiful shawls, and I am happy to be making them to benefit others - both the shawl and the $ go toward helping others who are less fortunate than I am at the moment.  We are supposed to reach out in this world and love each other - this is my small part.

If you have a talent you can share with others that will bring them happiness, laughter, peace, comfort - this is a good time to explore your gifts and determine what you can do for others.  The rewards for them and for yourself are immeasurable - I promise!  Well, gotta go - lots of crocheting to do!  Stay tuned!

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Jenny said...

Great graphic and reflection of your hobby and passion. I am going to share this on my chapter facebook page! You are an inspiration!