Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prayer Shawl Ministry - The Next Step - Memories Yarn Cafe'

After a year of crocheting prayer shawls and giving them to all kinds of people in need of hugs and prayers, I have become so interested in yarn and patterns and crocheting and knitting that I have decided to open a yarn shop inside my antique and gift shop.  It is just being put together, but my vision is that I will have customers and friends coming in to learn and stitch and visit and enjoy the warm and wonderful atmosphere in my shop.  I will offer great spots in the store for sitting and knitting, refreshments on occasion, maybe some classes and I've heard something about yarn tastings which sounds intriguing.

There is no yarn shop in my little town and the only place to buy is at WalMart.  I am hoping the customers and friends will enjoy someone to talk to about their projects and share ideas between us.  To me this personal shopping experience will be much more rewarding than a trip to WalMart to pick through their already picked through yarn.  I will want to know what they will be making and perhaps watch them work on it and see the final product!

Here are some pictures of our beginnings - it will grow and change with time - as I learn more and more.  In the meantime, I will still be crocheting every morning over coffee and every evening by the fire or while watching television - all the time praying for the person who might receive my next masterpiece!

This has been a rewarding experience, and I expect it to continue for a long time!
One thing I have found in life is that it is important to continue to learn and try new things!  It keeps you enthused with life, looking forward to the coming day and its opportunities and probably helps you to live longer!
Planning and implementing new projects has many rewards!  Throw in a little dreaming, a lot of hard work, visions of success, and then the finished project - all this helps us to live a lively and interesting life!
And besides anyone who loves to knit or crochet knows about the stash of yarn in the closet, in baskets, trunks, under the bed.  Now I can have this huge stash in my shop for others to enjoy!
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Life is good at Memories!  Stay tuned.....