Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Pocket Prayer Cloth

Pocket Prayer Cloth (Crochet Pattern)
designed by Sadie Sunshine Chapter - Crochet for Cancer

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Materials Needed:
     **  Soft worsted weight yarn - pastel solid color
     **  Size F crochet hook

CH = chain
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
PC = popcorn stitch
SL ST = slip stitch
YO = yarn over
SK = skip a stitch

Finished size approximately 5" x 7" or smaller depending on yarn used.

Make 3 DC in the same stitch.  Take the hook out of the loop of the last DC and insert the hook in the top of first DC.  Hook the loop you just dropped and draw it through the stitch.  Pull tight and then CH 1.  Push the popcorn stitch to the front as you go to the next SC.

CH 18 loosely.

ROW 1 - Starting in the second chain from the hook, SC in each chain (17 SC total).  CH 1, Turn.

ROW 2 - SC in each stitch across (17 SC total).  CH 1. Turn.

ROW 3 - SC 8, PC 1, SC 8. CH 1. Turn.

ROW 4 - SC in each stitch across (17 SC total). CH 1. Turn.

ROWS 5 - 14 - Repeat rows 3 and 4 (5 times)

ROW 15 - SC 2, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1,
SC 1, PC 1,  SC 2. CH 1.  Turn.

ROW 16 - SC in each stitch (17 SC total). CH 1. Turn.

ROW 17-22 - Repeat rows 3 and 4 (3 times)

ROW 23 - SC in each stitch (17 SC total)

BORDER - CH 2, SC in each row, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each sitch across the bottom, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each row  up the side, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each stitch across the top, SL ST in the beginning SC at the corner and finish off.

This is a copy of the card we place with each prayer cloth:


You are free to use this for any charity purpose or gifts, however, we would very much appreciate donations of finished prayer cloths to Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, mailed to Sadie Sunshine Chapter, PO Box 1624, Henderson, KY  42419

You can find more information on our ministry at

Thank you and God Bless You!    

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Even A Gentle Wind Can Change Things!

My little grandson and I looking for the "big boats" down by the river -
precious times together -
a gentle touch always makes things better!
 I don't really believe in predicting the future and horoscopes, but I will admit that I read mine each morning in the Gleaner, our local newspaper, mainly because I look for inspiring words wherever I can find them!  This morning's message gave me pause and something important to think about.

"Over time, even the gentlest of winds will change the mountainous landscape, penetrate rocks and influence the way the trees grow.  You're like that gentle wind now, subtly changing those around you."

I remember when I was a teenager and dating, my Mother was always concerned because I always seemed to pick boys who needed to be changed - they were always troubled in some way or another and needed help.  I always have been able to see the value in a person, beneath whatever is on the outside, I guess.  She always told me that people don't change and that it was not good for me to be trying to change people into something more acceptable - she was only trying to protect me from disappointment.  Of course, I always disagreed with this, as I know that people are capable of changing.....what I didn't realize till later in life is that they have to WANT to change before they will change.

Throughout my life I have been impatient with people who just seem to always mess up and not do the good things that I see right in front of their face that they should do!  But through all of this life I have lived, I see that change takes time, and my impatience was not a good thing.  So.....every morning I get up and one of the things I pray for is give things TIME to work out and people TIME to see the light and find a better way for themselves.
Reading to my precious grandchildren - children watch everything you do and say!
I have come to realize that even the small things that I do and say can inspire someone to think differently about their life and develop a more positive outlook for the future.  I can't just pick them up and move them from here to there and them say "Oh, I get it!".  It is a very gradual influence and done with gentle words, hugs, and love.

Not that I'm perfect in my attitude, but I have also found that change in myself and the way that I think and the things that I devote my life to has been gradual.  If I search each morning for positive thoughts and motivation and start my day out with a grateful attitude, gradually this will become just what I do and I won't have to try so hard.
My boy with his smiley face in the sand!  Smiley faces are a good thing!

How does this tie in with "What's Old Is New Again!" - well, that's easy.  We can become "new" at any age and at any moment in our lives!  I have found that as I age I become more aware of God working in my life.  I was trained to take charge of my life and make things happen - to seek education, better jobs, more money, success - and became frustrated when I saw others succeed above me no matter how hard I tried.  What I didn't know that all along God was working through me to bring me to this place where I am today.  I don't like all the things that have happened that have brought me pain and sadness and caused me to come to this realization, but I know now that God has been with me all along, guiding my way so that by going through my trials and tribulations and successes and failures, He has taught me how to live my life and reach out to help others in a gentle way, and I give thanks to Him for that!
Playing piano with my grandson "helping" me - he watches my hands and plays soft when I play soft, and loud when I play loud!
Be the gentle wind in someone's life today - change is gradual - love each other and gently inspire one word and one act of kindness at a time - and be thankful for those that God puts in your life!


My antique/gift/yarn shop is a place where people can come and share their lives with me.  It has amazed me all the people I have met from all over this country and the thoughts and dreams they share with me while they are here shopping.

I have also started a Crochet for Cancer chapter in Kentucky in memory of my sweet grandaughter, Sadie Caroline, who we lost to Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2012, at the age of 17 months.  Please join us at

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Ball of Yarn - What Can It Become?

I had a lady purchase yarn the other day and I asked her what she was going to make out of it. She said she didn't know yet. Another lady tells me she just buys it and let's the yarn tell her what it is going to be. 

Here we go....I've decided our lives are like a ball of yarn. We can make whatever we want to out of it with a little dreaming, planning, creativity and a lot of hard work. We can be whatever our heart desires if we just seek God's will and have courage and faith to move forward. Or we can just be a ball of yarn content to sit there on the shelf! I'm busy making something out of my ball of yarn! Every day is a gift...don't waste even one!

Right now I am making baby chemo hats out of yarn in memory of my sweet grandbaby, Sadie Caroline, pictured above.  She was a precious, beautiful, happy, healthy 16 month old baby when cancer struck in the worst of places - her little brain.  We lost her last Christmas and have started a charity in her memory to supply chemo hats to other children and adults who are undergoing cancer treatment - if you are interested in making something very worthwhile out of a ball of yarn - check out our facebook page and join us! You just might change your life in the process!

Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, c/o Memories Past and Present, 324 N. Elm Street, Henderson, KY  42420

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Old Things and the Stories They Could Tell

I've been inspired this morning by two things:  One is a picture by our new pastor (also fabulous photographer) of an old well used door with cracked and peeling paint and door knob probably turned a million or more times, and the other is a song written by Amy Grant called "Better Not to Know".

In life we have so many experiences, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad - many ups and downs as we move along.  I have often thought when I receive an antique piece of furniture in the store, about the stories it could tell about the families who had owned it and had it sitting in their home as "life" was happening around it.  When the item was purchased, it was gleaming and new and selected perfectly for the specific spot it would be placed.  Life was good and plans were being made for the future in the life of this family.  Each day came and went and this special piece of furniture was right there taking it all in - I'm pretty sure it would witness some special family times of celebration and some sad family times of loss and pain.

Think about it - how awful it would be if we knew the future and all that would happen around us.  It would most likely spoil the joy of this day.  It is for sure better not to know so that we can go innocently into the day expecting the best and knowing that whatever comes along that there is a constant there - our faith that sustains us no matter what comes along.  Everything that we do and dream is worth the effort - whether it ends up being what our heart desires or not in the long run - it is the doing and the  living and the believing - that is what is important.

Faced with the possibility of losing a loved one, our job, our health, our home or anything else that we hold dear and that provides us with stability and security, that solid rock sitting there in the corner that we can know for sure will be there through all our ups and downs can provide us with the strength to carry on.  For sure, it is better not to know what the future brings us.  It is far better to believe that we can survive and move forward no matter what comes along.  There is joy in each day that God gives us!  Oh!  The stories those antique doors and furniture could tell us of those who moved in and out and around them.  Stories of survival and strength and happiness and joy and sadness and loss.  Life - that's what they would tell us all about!

Every day is a gift from God - cherish this one and find the joy that is always there if we will only seek it.  Old things, and the stories they could tell!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Like Antiques, People Can Become New Again

Life deals us with a lot of challenges which cause us to take detours and make changes in our lives.  Last Fall, my detour happened.  I was in the middle of planning my annual Victorian Christmas Open House at my antique store, Memories Past and Present.  I had mailed all the invitations, baked all the cookies, purchased all the cider, had a dozen Christmas trees decorated to perfection, selected the items for door prizes, and on and on.  I was anticipating a crowd as usual and having a lot of fun.  Then it happened.......the phone rang and it was my daughter, Amber, on the little grandaughter, Sadie, was ill and had been taken to the emergency room.  Everything came to a screeching halt and that's where the detour occurred.  My life forever changed in the blink of an eye.

I immediately cancelled everything and took off to see how I could help out and to look after my little grandson while everyone else was at the hospital watching over our little one.  Practically by the time I got there, they released her from the hospital saying that they thought it was meningitis and that she had a miracle recovery.  We had the most wonderful weekend - we played, and laughed, and read books - and thought everything was OK.  But as it turned out, everything was not OK and I would live to treasure this one very special weekend for the rest of my life.

By Wednesday, Sadie was back in the hospital and by Friday we knew the diagnosis, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a very rare and aggressive cancer which presented itself in her spinal fluid and brain - this was not a good thing and would take months to treat and a bone marrow transplant to have any hope of saving our baby.

We spent the next 6 weeks hovering over our baby and praying that she would survive.  Things quickly went from bad to worse, and on December 21, 2012, we lost our beautiful Sadie Caroline.  None of us could imagine that this could happen....even breathing was difficult as we had to say good-bye.

During this time our faith has been strong, and we know that Sadie is perfect again and playing with the other children up in heaven.  But here on earth, we are left with trying to cope with the loss.  After losing Sadie, I spent a lot of time on the internet looking around at various things to do with my business as I had just about decided to add a yarn shop in with my antique business.  In researching this, I happened upon a web site and .......there it was, something I could do in Sadie's memory that would hopefully help me to move forward in a positive way.

I have come to believe that when you have troubles, they become less of a burden if you focus outside of yourself, and focus on others.  Having been through this with Sadie, and experiencing all the outreach of our friends and family, it has made me more aware of the needs of others and the fact that EVERYONE is carrying some kind of troubles and burden with them.  If we give love and caring to others, it diminishes our own pain.

In keeping with the need to give to others, I have initiated a group which will be knitting and crocheting chemo hats for babies, children and adults who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  Our little Sadie loved to wear hats that her Great Grandmother knitted for her, so it was fitting that this be my new purpose in life.

I found out about the Crochet for Cancer charity which was started by a daughter and her Mother when she was undergoing cancer treatment as a way to give and pass the time during chemo treatments.  Their web site is and has resources for those wishing to make hats for this purpose.  There are several chapters around the USA and Canada, and I decided to form a chapter here in Kentucky called the Sadie Sunshine Chapter in memory of our sweet Sadie and her always sunshine smile.  Details can be found on our facebook page  .

I do believe that this has made me new again, although my heart is broken and I have dings, cracks, and chips that weren't there before, like a well used antique, I still have a lot to offer and with a little sprucing up and repairs and a lot of love, I can have a new, useful life.  Although I would have much preferred to be able to be Sadie's Mammaw and love and nurture her all my life, and I won't ever be the same and I may not be used for the same purpose, but I can still be useful and even perhaps in a new way.

The old saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, has a real meaning for me now.  My purpose is to reach out to others, listen, learn, care, give, hug, pray, encourage and do whatever I can to make others more able to cope with their problems.  I still have problems, but my focus will remain outward.  Won't you join me and start thinking about people around you and their needs and wants and dreams and problems, and help me to spread some Sadie sunshine and see what we can do to make this world a better, more caring place in which to live.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Magic at Memories - Antiques, Gifts and Yarn

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to express yourself creatively and pursue your dreams and do what no one else has done.  I am blessed and honored to be able to have my own shop and be my own boss.  My goal is to create a magical place for people to come to relax and enjoy and explore and seek and find!

Memories Past and Present started out as a gift shop with antiques, then grew to a large antique store with a nice selection of gifts and collectibles, and now has added Memories Yarn Cafe' as another facet of this business.  Inside these doors are treasures waiting to be found, ideas, inspiration, beautiful displays, and lots of smiles and thank you's when you come to visit.

I am busy in here every day creating magic - I come in and turn on all the lights, light the candles, turn on the soothing music, get the temperature just right, put on a pot of cider, and offer a beautiful and peaceful place in which to spend some time with a friend.

I can only do so much......because YOU are what makes it magical.  If you come and find the crystal bowl like the one your Grandmother had that got broken or lost, find the perfect antique furniture and decor to decorate your guest bedroom in memory of your Mother, find the perfect angel to give a friend who is ill or grieving, find the most beautiful yarn with which to make a prayer shawl for a friend or to donate, find the retired Hallmark ornament that completes your collection, and on and on.  These are only a few of the examples of what happens at Memories each and every day!

If a flower blooms in a forest or a bird sings and there is no one there to see it or hear it, it cannot be as magical or inspirational as it could be if someone took the time to look and listen.

Come by for a visit at Memories and help me create some magic in Henderson, Kentucky.  We don't want to be Henderson's best kept secret...our desire is for you to come, enjoy, and spread the word.  The magic and excitement for me is a shop filled with laughter and friendship and relaxing fun.  Stop by to browse, sip some cider, knit or crochet a while, find that me make some magic!

When you see an independently owned gift shop, boutique, florist, antique shop, restaurant, etc, take the time to think about the person who has created it. They are singing their song....are you going to be there to hear it?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prayer Shawl Ministry - The Next Step - Memories Yarn Cafe'

After a year of crocheting prayer shawls and giving them to all kinds of people in need of hugs and prayers, I have become so interested in yarn and patterns and crocheting and knitting that I have decided to open a yarn shop inside my antique and gift shop.  It is just being put together, but my vision is that I will have customers and friends coming in to learn and stitch and visit and enjoy the warm and wonderful atmosphere in my shop.  I will offer great spots in the store for sitting and knitting, refreshments on occasion, maybe some classes and I've heard something about yarn tastings which sounds intriguing.

There is no yarn shop in my little town and the only place to buy is at WalMart.  I am hoping the customers and friends will enjoy someone to talk to about their projects and share ideas between us.  To me this personal shopping experience will be much more rewarding than a trip to WalMart to pick through their already picked through yarn.  I will want to know what they will be making and perhaps watch them work on it and see the final product!

Here are some pictures of our beginnings - it will grow and change with time - as I learn more and more.  In the meantime, I will still be crocheting every morning over coffee and every evening by the fire or while watching television - all the time praying for the person who might receive my next masterpiece!

This has been a rewarding experience, and I expect it to continue for a long time!
One thing I have found in life is that it is important to continue to learn and try new things!  It keeps you enthused with life, looking forward to the coming day and its opportunities and probably helps you to live longer!
Planning and implementing new projects has many rewards!  Throw in a little dreaming, a lot of hard work, visions of success, and then the finished project - all this helps us to live a lively and interesting life!
And besides anyone who loves to knit or crochet knows about the stash of yarn in the closet, in baskets, trunks, under the bed.  Now I can have this huge stash in my shop for others to enjoy!
Join us by liking our facebook page !  This will help you to keep up with all that is going on and our current products and plans!
Also, to "catch up" on our previous prayer shawl blogs you may want to read these previous posts: and and

Life is good at Memories!  Stay tuned.....