Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Change....Your Mountain and Sunshine are Waiting!

One thing that is certain in life is change - some changes we choose to make, some changes are forced upon us.  Even when we choose to make a change, it is sometimes not easy.  Many times the easiest road to choose is not to change at all, even though the present situation may be less than desirable.

I've made many changes in my life - going to college, getting married, getting divorced, getting married again, having a child, moving, new jobs, starting a business, closing a business, losing loved ones, and more.  Sometimes it was exciting and fun, sometimes the worst time of my life.

But all of these changes have led me to the spot I am in today.  Each step forward led me to the life I was meant to have.  Each experience, both positive and negative, taught me something important and made me stronger and gave me more confidence.  My husband calls it "wisdom".  If we lived in a bubble, we would never become strong.

Every day is a gift....are you facing change today?  Whatever it is, you can make your way over it and through it and come out on the sunny side of it tomorrow.  Just make a plan, put one foot in front of the other, be calm, develop confidence, and eventually you will find yourself settled again, and most likely in a better place.  If you know someone facing a frightening change, reach out to them, hold their hand, reassure them, and pray for them today.