Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spreading Sadie Sunshine to Missouri

This is the Cover Photo for our Sadie Sunshine Chapter Facebook Page
Created in Memory of our sweet Sadie Caroline (that's me holding her)

Our Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer was formed in April, 2013, in memory of my 17 month old grandaughter, Sadie Caroline, who we lost to cancer on December 21, 2012, after just a six week battle.  It is impossible to express the heartbreak and disappointment and gallons of tears this has resulted in.  But in the midst of this valley, I discovered Crochet for Cancer and decided this would be a wonderful way to remember our little Sadie's sweet life - by spreading Sunshine and smiles to others fighting this terrible disease.  So much love is being shared by our volunteers for those with cancer that it is hard to comprehend some days.  The ripple effect of her life and smiles and battle can be seen every day in the giving taking place in her memory.
Sadie's Profile Picture on our Facebook Page for
Sadie Sunshine Chapter

During the first couple of months when we were just beginning, there was a little girl in Illinois who began her journey to fight this terrible disease.  Our Crochet for Cancer leader, Tracy, got a request to send hats to this little girl, and passed the request on to me.  I had some beautiful hats, and she was one of the first individuals that I sent to.  Little Janet is a beautiful, perfect little child.  Like Sadie, you would look at her and wonder how in the world she could end up fighting such a battle.  But fight she has.  To me, she is a hero, just like our little Sadie and so many others who are so brave and trusting and fight the fight with a smile, making friends and touching lives all along the way.
Little Janet in 2013 wearing one of our first Sadie Sunshine
chemo hats made by my good friend, Tracy

I have made friends through facebook with Laura, Janet's Mom.  She is a wonderful, strong woman, not afraid to share her faith, just like my daughter, Amber, has.  Laura knows that God is in control and she trusts Him every step of the way.  In a way, we are kindred spirits, Laura, Amber and I, understanding each other's journey and the faith that is required to remain standing in the midst of this unimaginable storm.
Little Janet today in her Sadie Sunshine chemo hat
with matching blanket and monkey sent to us
all the way from Germany, by my Sadie Sunshine friend, Michelle

Little Janet beat this one-of-a-kind cancer once, but it has recently returned and she is again fighting and receiving the treatment that she needs - but this is not all she receives at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Just like our Sadie received at Monroe Carell Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, little Janet is receiving the love and caring and support of the people she meets there.  In the process, she is making many new friends and having a positive effect on their lives.
Sadie Sunshine Profile Picture in Honor of
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September, 2014

At Sadie Sunshine Chapter we donate to several hospitals and organizations in Kentucky and Tennessee.  In fact we have such an abundance of Sadie Sunshine, that we have reached out to the St. Louis Children's Hospital and have arranged to give to the children there.  Since little Janet is a familiar face there and a very special child to the heart of our Sadie Sunshine Chapter, we have decided to ask her to be our Ambassador there and help to distribute the hats and other gifts to the children there in Sadie's name.  In fact, this all came about this morning, early, as an idea as I was corresponding with Laura on my iPad  - I call these God moments, when I allow Him to lead my steps.
Sadie - Always my Sunshine

I understand that Laura and little Janet are excited to be a part of Sadie Sunshine in this way.  What a blessing this will be to the children there, and their parents.  Thank you, little Janet, for coming into our lives.  We love you and plan to meet you in person one day very soon!  
Happier Times - Fall of 2012 just before Sadie got sick -
We will always Remember and Celebrate this Precious Life of Sadie Caroline

Please, anyone who reads this, say a prayer today for little Janet and her family, for Sadie Sunshine and all of our family and volunteers.  Our mission is simple - to bring Sadie smiles to those in need.  Our little Sadie and her sweetness can live on in this very special way.  God is leading our footsteps.