Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vintage Crystal Better Than New!

No matter how much your Mother or Grandmother used her crystal, it probably still looks like new, especially since she washed it by hand and stored it away very carefully!  If you are lucky enough to inherit some of this beautiful sparkling crystal, count yourself lucky.

I know many of the younger generation is not interested in fancy glassware - they are more "into" pottery items that can be used every day and they prefer casual entertaining.  But still it is good to add some sparkle to your table at the holidays!  And one pattern that just keeps on being the most popular is Fostoria Glass Company American pattern! 

It was made between 1914 and 1986 and in various colors including clear, amber, blue, green, yellow, pink and even purple.  The most popular is the clear - it is heavy and durable and because of the block pattern it reflects the light whether it be sunlight, a chandelier, or candle light!

It is being recycled and recollected even today!  Many people who got it for wedding gifts back in the 1940's and 50's are aging and not entertaining anymore, or they are downsizing and need to get rid of it.  They would give it to their children, but some are not interested. 

There are new collectors made up of mostly people who have inherited the pattern and wish to add to their collection!  If you have never owned any crystal or are interested in purchasing some for your home, this would be a very good choice of vintage crystal.  The pricing is fairly reasonable, and certainly less than most "new" quality crystal you could find - and it is good to recycle for so many reasons!  It also would make wonderful gifts and perhaps get someone interested in starting their own collection!

Be careful when you buy that you know that it is indeed Fostoria - there are some reproductions that are not the same quality.  In general, you can look for three seams (where the molds come together) rather than two - and generally the base is ground instead of formed in the mold - and check the glass for clarity.  Most dealers will be sure to have any reproductions clearly marked.

Close your eyes and imagine your Christmas table set with a beautiful deep red tablecloth, your favorite Christmas china, and sparkling American Fostoria crystal water goblets, iced tea glasses, juice glasses, sherbets, and all the beautiful sparkling serving pieces available!  Now get ready, go out looking, and start your collection of sparkling American Fostoria today!

Think of your favorite antique store as a matchmaker - helping someone find a new owner for their "treasures"!  At Memories, we are full to the brim with treasures, including over 150 pieces of American Fostoria!  We can help you put together a beautiful holiday table, all from vintage treasures in our store!  Your Mother and/or Grandmother would smile if she saw you using vintage items on your table!

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