Saturday, October 1, 2011

Selecting Vintage Wedding Gifts

Many people can't imagine giving something that is not "new" for a wedding gift, but we have a lot of experience here at Memories with people who are looking for exactly that!  They don't want to buy the regular, off the shelf gift that just anybody can buy.

It's easy, really!  If you know anything at all about the couple or even their parents, you can come up with an idea whether it be a certain color scheme, pattern of old glassware, or anything that might "bring back memories".  I recently had two sisters in my store who spotted a large pressed glass bowl that they remembered their Mother having one like.  Well, they each wanted one so we went in search of others.  It ended up that they found four different bowls that reminded them of their Mother's bowl, so they bought all four!  One for each of them, and one for each of their children for future wedding gifts so that their children would remember their Grandmother and use the bowl for fruit salad like she did!  How thoughtful of a gift - unlike any other they will receive.

Another idea is to buy a particular item for its collectible value - such as a piece of Fenton art glass, American Fostoria crystal, antique lamp, vintage crystal stemware, EAPG compotes, antique china, vintage hand crocheted bedspread, discontinued collectibles, etc.  These items can encourage a lifetime of collecting that can bring much joy!  We have sold vintage crystal stemware instead of "new" simply because it is uniquely beautiful and not something that will be duplicated among the wedding gifts.

I have been told that many brides are now electing to have a Victorian wedding!  Everything was so elegant and formal back then!  In the day of jeans and T Shirts, it is exciting to think of getting dressed up in fancy vintage dress and jewelry.  From the antique china used to serve at the reception to the sparkling crystal punch bowl - all of these items can be found in antique stores all across the nation.

One of my customers said once "A gift from Memories is a gift they will always remember!"  Think outside the norm and shop in antique stores for your next wedding gift - at Memories we can help you pick the perfect item that the couple will always treasure!

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