Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paint Makes It New Again!

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As I think back to my childhood, I remember visiting my Granny and Grandaddy at their cabin down by Cumberland Lake in Kentucky.  It was a wonderful place, and when we all went at once, there were 13 of us crammed into that tiny place with no bathroom - just an outhouse!  My grandparents, Mother and Daddy, me and my brother, my two Uncles and Aunts and their three children (my cousins).  There was one bedroom and the rest of us slept all lined up on the back enclosed porch.  When we had to go to the bathroom, we had to check for Grandaddy long-legs spiders at the Outhouse or there was no way I would go in there.  We would all go to the lake and feed the ducks and fish for crappie!  Then Granny would cook them all up with cornbread and we would have a feast.  Somehow we all got ready and went to church on Sunday, too!

I didn't really notice it then, but as I think back I remember that everything was painted black!  The iron planters out front, the iron kettle full of magazines, the kitchen table and chairs, the coffee table, the end tables, the bed, the yard furniture, everything!  My Granny could take any old thing and make it look great by applying this black paint on it! 

With all the shabby chic style and Pinterest repurposing ideas, there is a lot of paint being applied to almost everything.  Even in my store if I have something that is the wrong color, I immediately suggest a little paint would fix that in no time!  I saw a post on Pinterest this morning where they had spray painted brass lamps into bright colors - I would have never thought of that - but if you don't like the brass, just paint it!

Some of the pictures I see of distressed furniture tell me that there is no way you could "make" something look like that although there are many people trying.  "Real" distressed furniture is a treasure that cannot be duplicated - it is distressed through years of painting it to make it new and then using it a while, then painting it another color to match the new decor and then using it for a while, and on and on.  Any good old solid wood furniture is suitable for using paint to make it look new again - although there are some that would disagree as it destroys a piece of furniture's value.  But, who cares? - if it creates a way you can use it without buying new, it is a good thing.  You are truly making a treasure for years to come by reusing what you have or buying something old and making it new again.
There are a lot of people saying that no one wants antique furniture any more, but I beg to differ if you will apply just a little creativity.  All you have to do is take one look at the new furniture being offered, and it is easy to see the value in the old, solid wood, hand crafted furniture.  Paint - it's a wonderful thing!  Black, white, red, yellow, pale green, blue, whatever color you can dream up is out there, and it is a cheap way to redecorate your home!  You can go to our pinterest board and you will find tons of great ideas.  Then take a look around at what you have, or visit your local antique or consignment store and search for a piece of furniture, lamp, etc. that would work for you and paint it to start your redecorating project.  A lot more fun than just buying something new!  I believe it's more fun to decorate with antiques!

As I think back about my Granny, I smile - it was a special time for me as a child - eating fish off of that black painted table, sleeping on the porch, and trips to the Outhouse!  Create some memories for your children and grandchildren!

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