Monday, August 1, 2011

Treasures in your Attic

Had a consignor at Memories who had inherited a lot of  "stuff" from his grandmother.  He knew that she had nice things, but he had no need for those things.  He began to go through them after several years and bring a few items in to Memories to sell for him.

Memories had a customer who had left her name on our "wish list" looking for sterling silver and coin silver.  When we opened one of the boxes, we found a coin silver mint julep cup made in 1857.  After researching the item and coming up with a value, which was no insignificant amount, we contacted the customer.  Within just a few minutes, the match was made. 

This old item that had been stored for years in a box in the garage had found a new home - someone new to "treasure" and cherish it in their collection for many years to come.

What treasures do you have that are stored away as just "stuff" that has no value to you.  I know my consignor is wishing he had more mint julep cups!  Maybe you had better go and unpack some of those boxes in your attic!

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