Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pick a Garden Theme!

One wonderful way to decorate a room or a corner of a room is to pick a theme and decorate around it using vintage items that you have or find while you are shopping antique stores!  We will explore other ideas in the future, but today we will talk about a garden theme!

If you love flowers and gardening, you can search for items to fit that theme - it makes the decorating and the shopping both more fun and interesting.  There are no rules when decorating your home - use the colors, themes, and items that make you happy and are pleasing to your eye.  Layer and group your collections to get a more dramatic effect.  If you need lessons on layering and grouping, stop by Memories - we are experts at this as you can observe throughout our store.

If you love gardening, you probably already have items that you can use.  In the eating area of my kitchen, I decided to go with the garden theme - I have Ray Harm and Audubon bird prints, bird figurines, battery operated wind chimes, bird houses, stitchery pictures with garden verses, gardening books, seed packets, a small indoor fountain, watering cans, violets and more.  Other items that can be incorporated would be old garden benches, wreaths, bird cages, green plants displayed in old pottery pieces or baskets, old garden tools - the ideas are endless!

We have lots of garden theme items at Memories including old wagon seats, picket fence shelves, primitive birdhouse lamp, bird cages and bird figurines, and much more!  All you have to do is tell us what your "theme" is and we'll help you find something perfect to fit your decor!  The idea in decorating your home is to make it "you" and to have fun with it.  If you see something you love, purchase it and you will find the perfect spot in your home for it - I promise!

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