Monday, August 8, 2011

Quilts Are Not Just for Beds Anymore!

Ever admire those beautiful old quilts in an antique store such as Memories Past and Present and wonder what you would do with it?  Or maybe you even have some treasured quilts made by your Grandmother in your closet or trunk.  They don't fit your bed or match your color scheme!

Quilts originally were made from scraps of fabric and sewn together with love to cover a loved one and keep them warm.  But these days, what could you do to use these old quilts that you desire or treasure?

At Memories we use them in many ways:  As a tablecloth when setting your country table; as a wall hanging either hung from a rod or from clips as decor behind a couch, over a table, or behind the bed as a headboard;  over the back of a wicker settee on your back porch or in a sunroom; wrapped around the base of your country Christmas tree for a tree skirt; cut up into pieces and lovingly made into pillows so that each family member can have a piece of Grandma's quilt; cut and used for clothing for dolls, covers for doll beds, angel wings on hand-made dolls; folded neatly at the foot of your bed; draped on an old trunk; and more!  You can even take a full size quilt and turn it sideways on your Queen size bed - then add pillows at the top to fill in the space to the headboard!

The ideas are endless!  What are some of your creative uses for antique quilts?

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