Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sell at Yard Sale/Or Not?

One of the most common questions I get at Memories is from people trying to downsize or sell their inherited "stuff" - I am afraid I will sell something really valuable at a garage sale price - how do I know the difference?

There is no way to be an expert overnight at what is valuable and what is not, and research on each item takes volumes of time, and you have to know where to look!  We have helped many people out at Memories by selecting those items that are true treasures out of the pile of "stuff" and researching and selling for a good price in our store and in our on-line store at http://www.hendersonmemories.com/ 

Don't be afraid to ask a dealer for help when sorting through your "stuff" - most would be happy to assist and either buy for a reasonable (not garage sale) price, or take it in their store to sell for you. That way you can avoid costly mistakes or feeling guilty for getting rid of something precious without knowing it's true value. 

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