Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings From the Past

As I look around my home which is furnished with a mix of antique and vintage items, new gift items, and collectibles, it causes me to reflect on my home and family and friends and all the blessings that I have this Thanksgiving and every day.

I'm not one of those people who hire an interior decorator and do away with every mismatched item in my home and go with the suggestions of the decorator to have everything perfect and matching.  I prefer to display all my favorite things, put together in a pleasing arrangement, so that I can be comfortable and cozy in my home. 

For example, in my living room the featured item is the grand piano that my husband surprised me with 25 years ago.  I had always wanted one, and my daughter was traveling to Kentucky from Florida to spend the summer with her Dad.  I was so uptight and depressed that he chose this time to have it delivered and surprise me on the day that she got on that plane.  Each time I see it or play it, I remember that day when I walked into my living room and said "Who put THAT there?!?"  What a gift of love - I would never dream of replacing it.

Also, in the living room is a beautiful bookcase with glass doors that belonged to my husband's father - it holds all my music books, and is a clear reminder of the past and the books and treasures that his father must have kept there.

I also have an antique corner cabinet filled with old ironstone serving pieces accumulated by my Granny and left to me when she passed away.  She loved antiques, and I think of her when I look into that cabinet. 

There are also little trinkets and gifts that friends and family have given me displayed throughout that room - a silver tussie mussie filled with flowers bought for me by my parents, a hummingbird figurine given to me by my Uncle Charles, Hallmark ornaments featuring a choir and bell ringers given to me by friends, a little dish my brother gave me where I keep my glasses for use at the piano - you get the idea.

Memories Past and Present is filled with items such as these with a past - and they can be given as a loving gift to someone who will cherish them and display them in their home.  When they see them, it will remind them of you and the occasion of the gift.  Life is made up of memories from the past and special events of the future.  Treasure your memories - and display your treasures!

This Thanksgiving take the time to look around you and remember all the blessings that God, your family and friends have bestowed upon you.  No matter what the circumstances, there are always blessings to be found!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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