Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Gifts on a Shoestring Budget

Christmas is here, and we are all considering what gifts to give our family and friends.  Money is short this year because the economy has been bad.  But we still want to give something special because, after all, this is the season of giving!

Instead of getting caught up in the rat race of finding bargains at the department stores, what color or size, or in trying to impress others with the brand name of a gift, consider giving a recycled treasure, a gift with meaning and given from the heart!

We all have accumulated so many things in our lives that we are overburdened by the sheer volume of stuff in our homes in the closets, display cases, cabinets, etc.   Who can use or even appreciate things when they have too many?  Be innovative with your gift giving this year and look outside the norm and consider recycled treasures, either from your own collection or from the collection inside an antique/vintage store which specializes in recycled treasures!

You could dress up an old doll of your own to give to your grandaughter (she will cherish having something that was yours) or give your grandson one of your favorite little toy metal cars or vintage train set that you have kept all your life.  Or maybe you have a favorite book that you have read that you can pass along to a friend, or perhaps find a copy to purchase for them.  If you have a teacup collection, or a crystal collection, ornament collection, or lighted Christmas village collection, etc. - part with some of it and help your child or grandchild start their own collection.  You can always consider giving a gift of your time - take a child to a movie or take your Mother to lunch or on a shopping trip.  There are so many ways to give that don't cost a lot - besides the gift is not meant to impress but to say "I love you" or "You are important to me".

Of course, at Memories this is what we specialize in - the recycling of treasures from the past.  Our store is filled to the brim with items that bring back memories of a cherished Grandmother and times and places of the past.  Consider giving the gift of "memories" by purchasing an item that reminds you of your past for a member of your family or a friend - they will cherish it and the memory forever.  The cost of an item is not what is important - it is what is in your heart when you select and give the gift.

"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."  Proverbs 11:25

Give the gift of love and memories this year for Christmas - you will be blessed for it.  Take the time to browse you own home for special items that could be gifts, or stop by Memories and we will find the perfect treasure for you to pass along to your friends and family as a thoughtful reminder of your love for them.  Merry Christmas!

Update:  12/7/12 - It is a year later and these words still have great meaning.  But I have something new to add.  In early November, my little grandaughter (16 months) old was diagnosed with Acute Myeloma Leukemia and we have all gone into shock as a result.  Suddenly, all the things that were important in life paled in comparison to the importance of getting the proper treatment for her so that she can live the long and wonderful life that we had envisioned for her.  As a result, I have basically closed my store (except for brief openings) so that I can care for my 3 year old grandson while the parents are keeping watch over their daughter in the hospital - she will most probably be hospitalized for 6 months of treatment.  I have realized that of all the things I have to give, my love, encouragement, support and time are the most important.  So many friends and even strangers have stepped up to assist this family in any way they can, and it has overwhelmed us and humbled us in the process, to discover so many people with love in their hearts to share during this terrible time for us.  It has helped us to find the joy that is in each day, even with the tragedy that has fallen upon us.  Please remember in this time of Christmas giving, that the gift of your time is probably what people want and need the most.  Give of yourself this Christmas.

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