Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Past and Present

The Christmas season is upon us, and the stores are starting to display all their Christmas trees, decorations, cards, etc.  It's time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home and what treasures you will choose to display. 

The Christmas tree is the main focal point of the decorating for the season.  Are you one who goes with the modern trends purchasing all new ornaments for your tree and having it professionally decorated?  Maybe lime green or hot pink this year - all silver or all gold?  Well, that's not for me.  For me, Christmas is all about tradition and memories - bringing family together in a home filled with the warm glow of Christmas past and Christmas present.

My main tree (yes, I do have more than one) is Victorian in style.  It is a slim tree filled with decorations that go with the Victorian style, but I didn't go out and buy all new ornaments to decorate it - oh yes, maybe a few to fill in here and there - but mostly it was a gradual thing.  Each year a few new items are added that are special ornaments bought for me by a friend, or one I spotted in a local store that took my eye, or even hand crafted ornaments that are one of a kind. 

My Mother makes the most beautiful decorated ball ornaments, fashioned out of satin balls decorated with vintage jewelry, beads, sequins, tassels, braid and trim - each one is unique and full of her creative ability.  I probably have about 20 of those on the tree, and each year add at least 1 or 2 new ones.  She has literally made hundreds of them over the years, and I treasure each one that I have! 

Added to those are about six similar ornaments made by a favorite member of our church lovingly called "Aunt Kat" who gave one to each of our Church choir members each year.  She has passed away now, and it brings back fond memories of her each time I hang one on the tree and imagine her aging fingers making them even into her late 90's and even over 100 years that she lived.  (She was my craft teacher at the YMCA when I was a child - and a real treasure of a person!)

Added to those special ornaments are little birds nests, bird cages, glass birds with tail feathers, other glass Victorian style ornaments, little Victorian people ornaments given to me by friends, and then to top it off burgundy and gold glass ornaments to reflect the light and burgundy poinsettia blooms.  This year I will lovingly add 6 Thomas Kinkade Santa ornaments which I was lucky enough to acquire on Ebay.

This tree is filled with memories, acquired over time.  When you are shopping or looking around at decorations to place on your tree - think about what you already have and add items of meaning to them.  Shop for the unique in little out-of-the-way specialty shops, antique stores, thrift stores, etc.  Make the tree a part of "your" personality - not something that is just bought straight off the shelf and impersonal.

Each year when you decorate that tree, you will be filled with "memories" just as I am when I decorate this special Victorian tree in my home!  Of course, at Memories Past and Present, we have such a selection of treasures for you to feast your eyes on!  Each of our trees is decorated with specialty ornaments where you can pick them right off the tree - a perfect little gift for a friend or family member perhaps that they will hang on their tree year after year - and remember you with a smile on their face!  Have a Blessed Christmas!

Stay tuned for other Christmas tree ideas based on the trees I decorate in my own home!

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