Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You Will Bloom Again!

I love flowers!  I have over 40 violets in my home that I care for, and last year at Christmas I decided to purchase one of those Amaryllis in a box with promise of a beautiful flower from a bulb and a little dirt.  It grew and bloomed beautifully.

My husband is an outdoor gardener, so he put it in a big pot and it was in the garden outside for all of Spring, Summer and Fall.  Then Winter came and we decided to bring it in, cut it back and see what happened!  It has taken a while, but this morning we have been rewarded by two beautiful blooms!

We all have periods of time in our lives when we are dormant, sad or hurting or gloomy.  But there is always the promise of a new day full of sunshine and flowers.  We just need patience and faith, and before we know it we will see the sunshine and bloom again.  Hope!  This is what gets us through the tough times.

Are you depressed or sad or lonely?  Every day is a gift....look around you today for the rays of hope and sunshine, and begin to bloom again and share your beauty with others!  Everyone needs a pretty flower to look at each day !

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