Saturday, March 21, 2015


Choices....we all make them or need to make them every day.  Some are simple, everyday choices....some are life changing.

It is so very difficult to make a choice when it is between two things, both of which have so many positive features.  I own an antique, gift and yarn business, and I began to think about retirement over three years ago.  I have been waiting for the "right" time, for everything to be perfect and clear before I made my choice.  I asked God to hit me on the head and just tell me what was right for me and my family and even my community.  Apparently He didn't want to make it that simple.

In the meantime, while I tossed things around in my mind, I decided to give the shop everything I had.  I have expanded, added new features, even recently invested in a new sign and supplies for this upcoming year.  But all the time I was still thinking, listening, watching and asking for guidance.

Three days ago, right in the middle of the day, I made my decision....I am going to retire!  There are so many reasons to keep doing what I am doing and reasons to make a change.  It does no good to ask for advice, because even those who love you have just a bit of selfish motive.  They truly want me to be happy, but they also want me to do the thing that affects them in a positive way.  The choice had to be mine, and the reasoning had to be mine.

Now that the choice is made, and I've let the world know, I am committed to make it work and make sure that I am happy and satisfied with the results of this choice.  My theory on life is to make the most you can of every situation, look forward and never back, make choices and do not have regrets, cherish memories, remember the good things, and focus on now and the future.

I didn't make the choice to take the easy road...this one will be hard for months to come as I resolve many issues that will arise from this choice, but I know where I'm headed, and it is a good place!

Every day is a gift...Do you have a difficult choice awaiting you?  You may have to struggle with it like I took me three years....but the mind is an amazing thing, especially if you fill it with good thoughts!  You can do the thing you need to do....have confidence in your abilities and try to keep moving forward in life.  The rewards are endless....especially after the choices are made!

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