Saturday, September 10, 2011

Owls Popular Again - Who Gives A Hoot?

Again, I will mention the 1970's as I was a young married woman, just out of college and starting housekeeping.  I remember the avocado green, harvest gold, mushroom cookie jars, and owls - owls were everywhere!  I'm sure you've noticed that lately, there are those "hoots" again - everywhere!

My daughter has recently had a new beautiful baby girl - while she was expecting, she was working on a theme for the baby's room and she would chat with me on facebook and send me links to decorating ideas she found that she liked.  I couldn't believe it when the theme she chose was these cute little owls sitting on branches in trees.  I mentioned it to the lady next door to my shop who operates a kids clothing store, and she said when she went to market that was all she could see - owls everywhere!!!  And so I helped my daughter decorate little Sadie Caroline's room in pink, green and brown owls sitting in pink polka dot trees!  And, believe it or not, it is so cute and feminine - there's even a soft owl pillow in the rocking chair.

Young girls have come in my antique store (girls in their teens) and gotten so excited over my owl jewelry and anything else with owls on it.  I asked them if they knew that owls were popular 40 years ago?!?  One punched the other and said "I TOLD you it was the 70's" like that was so long ago - I mean ancient!  Hmmm....I smiled.....doesn't seem that long ago to me!

Well anyway, when you are going through your Mother's or Grandmother's things, don't discount anything as being old and silly and outdated - you just never know what trend will come back around and be the next, new hottest thing.  So at Memories, we are seeing vintage owl items make an appearance - necklaces (those big ones with the bright colored beady eyes), brooches (even one from Avon that holds solid perfume), needlepoint purse, crystal paperweight, salt and pepper shakers, figurines, and more!  There you go - what's old is new again!  Who woulda' thought - owls!

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