Friday, September 23, 2011

Bring Vintage Linens Back to Life!

I once had a craft/antique shop in Cocoa Village, Florida - a quaint shopping village located on the Indian River in Cocoa, Florida.  I had a customer who was enthralled with vintage hand embroidered linens of all kinds with hand crocheted edges.  She had an inspiration to put together quilt squares using bits and pieces of these old linens.  She would cut out her 12" X 12" muslin square and start working with her linens, cutting and arranging them on each unique square until she got it just right.  She brought her works of art into my shop to share with me one day, and I've never seen such a beautiful collection.  She then put them together into a quilt for her bed.

This would be a wonderful use for any old crocheted doilies or hand embroidered linens from your family (or you could purchase and collect them as she did).  We always have a great selection of linens at Memories for you to browse.  Once her quilt was finished, she also made pillows for the head of her bed - so romantic and beautiful!

I have also seen ideas for using vintage hankerchiefs the same way by using one hanky for each square of a quilt and trim with crocheted lace or doilies.  Another way to use old hankies is to hang them from corner to corner on a curtain rod to make a valance - so sweet for the bathroom or feminine bedroom.

I have used old embroidered pillow cases and inserted an 18" X 18" pillow form, folded down the embroidered edge of the pillow case for a lovely pillow for the bed or bedroom chair!

Of course, you can always use the doilies and linens on your furniture and chair backs as they were designed for - for a romantic look that softens the decor of your home!  The ideas are endless!  Think outside the box when you are browsing in the linen section of your local antique store or when you are going through your Grandmother's hand stitched treasures.  Reuse and recycle - that's what we do here at Memories Past and Present!  It's a fun and unique way to decorate!

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papel1 said...

Wonderful article. I buy old linens and if they are damaged I cut them up for my craft projects. I do this with old quilts too.
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