Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Pocket Prayer Cloth

Pocket Prayer Cloth (Crochet Pattern)
designed by Sadie Sunshine Chapter - Crochet for Cancer

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Materials Needed:
     **  Soft worsted weight yarn - pastel solid color
     **  Size F crochet hook

CH = chain
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
PC = popcorn stitch
SL ST = slip stitch
YO = yarn over
SK = skip a stitch

Finished size approximately 5" x 7" or smaller depending on yarn used.

Make 3 DC in the same stitch.  Take the hook out of the loop of the last DC and insert the hook in the top of first DC.  Hook the loop you just dropped and draw it through the stitch.  Pull tight and then CH 1.  Push the popcorn stitch to the front as you go to the next SC.

CH 18 loosely.

ROW 1 - Starting in the second chain from the hook, SC in each chain (17 SC total).  CH 1, Turn.

ROW 2 - SC in each stitch across (17 SC total).  CH 1. Turn.

ROW 3 - SC 8, PC 1, SC 8. CH 1. Turn.

ROW 4 - SC in each stitch across (17 SC total). CH 1. Turn.

ROWS 5 - 14 - Repeat rows 3 and 4 (5 times)

ROW 15 - SC 2, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1, SC1, PC 1, SC 1, PC 1,
SC 1, PC 1,  SC 2. CH 1.  Turn.

ROW 16 - SC in each stitch (17 SC total). CH 1. Turn.

ROW 17-22 - Repeat rows 3 and 4 (3 times)

ROW 23 - SC in each stitch (17 SC total)

BORDER - CH 2, SC in each row, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each sitch across the bottom, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each row  up the side, SC 3 in the corner, SC in each stitch across the top, SL ST in the beginning SC at the corner and finish off.

This is a copy of the card we place with each prayer cloth:


You are free to use this for any charity purpose or gifts, however, we would very much appreciate donations of finished prayer cloths to Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, mailed to Sadie Sunshine Chapter, PO Box 1624, Henderson, KY  42419

You can find more information on our ministry at

Thank you and God Bless You!    


  1. What a lovely design! Thank you for sharing the pattern and the inspiration to branch out from donating just hats and scarves. :)

  2. I love this idea. And the design is perfect for a Prayer Cloth. Thanks, Carolyn.

  3. I misnumbered the rows, but all the instructions are there - I have made the correction for you! Sorry!!!

  4. Since I'm not for sure, would you please explain what a prayer cloth & prayer shawl is/are? Thank you!

  5. . Im going to incorporate the cross design into something for my daughter's age, such as an infinity scarf!

  6. I had attended a church that used larger prayer shawls, but I am sure they work similarly. And these would be much easier and faster to crochet and more convenient to store and send. The idea is to have the church pass around an identified prayer cloth and pray over it on behalf of a needy person, then give it to that person, in the hospital, or whereever they are that would help in their process of faith for their healing. I hope that helps.

  7. Reply to anonymous - The prayer shawls that I do are hand crocheted and while I make them I pray for the individual who will receive them - they are usually given to someone who is ill or grieving or going through some type of difficult time - they symbolize the prayers of a friend, and also the love of God. I usually make them approx. 15" x 60" in size. Basically the prayer cloths have the same meaning, just something small that they can keep close and maybe hold as they pray, etc. They are meant to comfort the person. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for this lovely, special cross pattern. I belong to one of my church's groups, Hands for Mission, Knit One Crochet too, which knits or crochets 7" X 9" blocks that we assemble into afghans in different sizes for men, women and children that we donate to shelters, hospitals, missions, and other charities. We have always included one knitted block in each afghan. Now we will also have a cross crochet pattern we can adapt to fit our 7" X 9" size. Again, heartfelt thanks for your design.

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you will be using the pattern! You are helping to spread Sadie Sunshine for us in memory of my sweet granddaughter!

  9. adorei sua ideia,parabens pela iniciativa.Ja estou te seuindo obrigada bjs

  10. Beautiful! I can't wait to make one of these as I have an aquaintaince that could benefit from one right now.

  11. Is there a knitting pattern for this prayer cloth? I do not crochet but do knit quite often.

    Our church serves a free neighborhood breakfast once a month and this may be something we could give to the people who attend.
    Thanks for the great idea!

  12. Is it possible for me to purchase two of these prayer cloths? I don't know how to crochet this but I think they are quite lovely and very special. I would like to give one to an elderly gentleman and keep one for myself.

  13. I think your prayer cloth is beautiful and would love to be able to make some as part of our Prayer Shawl ministry. Are you asking that we include Sadie's prayer with every cloth we give away. We do not accept money for what we do so there would not be a monetary donation.

  14. No, you don't need to include Sadie's card, but you might want to use similar words that I have used to explain the use and purpose of the cloth. I am honored that you want to use them. They have proven to be quite a blessing.

  15. Thank you so much! I will offer a prayer for Sadie at our next meeting!

  16. Thank you, anonymous. Our little Sadie passed away in December, 2012. These prayer cloths were designed in her memory.

  17. What a beautiful idea! I have always wanted to do prayer shawls for people, but I am slow as molasses when it comes to crocheting and it just takes too long to be able to do as many as I want to do. I had never heard of prayer cloths before! I am so sorry it stemmed from such a difficult loss...

  18. Thank you this is so beautiful.
    I am going to start now because I am still learning the craft. It is my prayer that by Christmas 2015 I will have enough to take to a local hospital.

  19. This is so awesome. I have also wanted to make prayer shawls, but have not had the time to make a lot. This will be a way to reach more people with the healing and loving spirit of God. And the size allows for portability, which means the receipient can always have handy as areminder of those blessings. Thanks so much for sharing you patterns
    and I will share your URL and Sadies story.In God's love, Cindy

  20. Thank you for a wonderful idea. I have never heard of a prayer pocket.
    I have heard of prayer shawls. Do you have a pattern for the long loom?

  21. Do you by chance have a video showing how to do this im new to crochet but really wanna do these as gifts ?

  22. I love the thought of the prayer cloth pocket. I have made a couple of prayer shawls but by the time I got them done the person was well or had died. This looks like a simple pattern to do when sitting in the hospital,waiting room. I am printing off pattern and putting it hook and yarn in zip lock for the next emergency room visit. I am also thinking that making these and giving to my church pastor to give out on his care call visits.

  23. I'm having trouble with the finished product curling up in the corners. I've changed hook size, yarn & tension. The only yarn that doesn't curl up is all cotton yarn. Please help!

  24. Making some of these for our Pastor to hand out and will send some to you all as well (if you're still taking then in) So sorry for your loss. And what a lovely way to honor :)

  25. This is a lovely extension of the prayer shawl. I'm going to fashion up a few of these for my next prayer shawl meeting. Thank you for sharing the pattern for those of us who create and share our prayer shawls with others.

  26. Our Chapter of The Order of Daughters of the King will be making these to put in blessing bags to be given to students during exam week twice a year. Prayers and blessings from us for Sadie.

    How wonderful this is and the prayer cloths will be a blessing for many.

    Thank you so much from the Daughters in Georgia.

  27. In answer to Anonymous posted sometime in 2014 -- here is a link to the Shawl Ministry website which explains what this ministry is all about.
    Hope this helps.

  28. I am a member of our local prayer shawl ministry.

  29. Thank you so much for your design. I made on for my preacher as he had been very sick and we have all been praying (had prayer vigils) for God's blessing on him and recovery. He did get out of hospital but he still has a long road in front of him before he can return to church. I made him a blanket and I am going to slip a prayer cloth in with it. Possibly one for each of his family members. And make some for Easter gifts. I learned the popcorn stitch too. Thank you again, God Bless

  30. I made these for our Grief Share Group. also give to those that have lost loved ones. They are also great to give to hospice groups. Love making them and passing them on. So Blessed that I found this pattern.

  31. Myrna S., Phoenix AZJuly 7, 2018 at 7:25 PM

    What a lovely pattern. I am sharing it with the women from my church's Crafter group. They meet weekly and make items to give to others and I'm certain they will love this.

  32. This a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Prayer cards need a place to be saved and remembered and this is perfect. I'd like to send enough for a family that just lost their father. But I need a little help to understand the pattern. Do you make two panels and stitch together, fold it over and stitch? Where is the prayer card inserted? The services are this Friday and because the pattern is small and easy I will be able to make the half dozen needed for the family.

  33. I just finished one and they're awesome. It makes you feel calm and at piece while crocheting it. Thanks very much for sharing. I can think of so many people I'd like to make these for.