Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Ball of Yarn - What Can It Become?

I had a lady purchase yarn the other day and I asked her what she was going to make out of it. She said she didn't know yet. Another lady tells me she just buys it and let's the yarn tell her what it is going to be. 

Here we go....I've decided our lives are like a ball of yarn. We can make whatever we want to out of it with a little dreaming, planning, creativity and a lot of hard work. We can be whatever our heart desires if we just seek God's will and have courage and faith to move forward. Or we can just be a ball of yarn content to sit there on the shelf! I'm busy making something out of my ball of yarn! Every day is a gift...don't waste even one!

Right now I am making baby chemo hats out of yarn in memory of my sweet grandbaby, Sadie Caroline, pictured above.  She was a precious, beautiful, happy, healthy 16 month old baby when cancer struck in the worst of places - her little brain.  We lost her last Christmas and have started a charity in her memory to supply chemo hats to other children and adults who are undergoing cancer treatment - if you are interested in making something very worthwhile out of a ball of yarn - check out our facebook page and join us! You just might change your life in the process!

Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, c/o Memories Past and Present, 324 N. Elm Street, Henderson, KY  42420

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Aunt Claudia said...

Beautiful analogy! Sweet memories of your baby live on and on in the work you do!