Friday, August 31, 2012

Add Some Vintage Sparkle to Your Fall Decor!

When I think of the Fall season, I think of colors - red, orange, green, rust, yellow, gold and brown - the colors of nature when the leaves begin to turn and fall to the ground.  I also think of cool, crisp air and sweaters, hot mulled cider, apples, warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream, hayrides, pumpkins, brisk walks, the shortening of days, candles burning and more!

At Memories when Fall is coming, we redecorate our front entrance and windows with anything that evokes the feeling and colors of Fall.  I call it "gathering" and it's a lot of fun - we push our carts through our 6,000 sq. ft. store and gather anything that reminds us of Fall - then we take it to the front and I work my magic with displays.  Our customers are delighted by the "new" look and the ideas and treasures they find there.

This year I decided to put an ecru lace tablecloth on the front table, but added a burlap runner down the center - I have seen so much decorating done with burlap recently on Pinterest - curtains, chair coverings, pillows, crafts, tablecloths and runners and more.  You can find some of the ideas on our Pinterest boards at .  Follow us if you want to keep up with some of the great ideas we come across - we are most happy to share them with you for inspiration!

On this table I have arranged a brass birdcage, garden angel, angels with leaf wings, amber moon and stars items, amber and green glass candy dishes and compotes, a hand blown glass pear, an antique Gone with the Wind lamp with Fall colors, a cloche with a robin inside, a garland of fruit, and more.  The idea is to layer and arrange anything that speaks of Fall.

You can achieve this in your own home.  You probably have some Fall decorations that you use year after year, but take a trip through your house to come up with a beautiful tablescape perhaps featuring birds, candles, fruit, amber glassware, Fall florals - anything that goes with your theme.  Set your foundation on your table with a pretty colorful tablecloth and runner down the center and then arrange your items all the way down the length of the table.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with - and your guests won't believe their eyes.

In the Fall I love to burn candles that smell like pumpkin pie or apple pie or cinnamon or spices - this will set the mood for your entertaining and will give your guests that comfy, cozy feeling in your home.  At Memories we have Fall scented candles that are hand made locally and burn for over 40 hours!  We have one burning each and every day to set the mood, along with our pretty music at Memories for laid back, comfortable browsing.

At Memories we think sparkling glassware adds to any seasonal decor - amber and green for Fall, crystal and red for Christmas and Valentines, blues and pinks for Spring and Summer!  If you have glassware, be sure to consider the effect it will have on your holiday table - get it out of the china cabinet, clean it, add some lighting either natural or candlelight - and watch the warm glow and sparkle.

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