Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pinterest Is Changing The Way I Think About Antiques!

I know that many young ladies would never even think about stopping in an antique store to shop.  I am a 60+ year old antique dealer who also has a past in creating beautiful crafts.  Having had a craft store in Florida for years, teaching tole painting, hosting craft open houses in my home, and then gradually shifting over to the antiques business, I had thought that antiques was my new "thing" - that was, until Pinterest came into my life!

First, my daughter mentioned it and asked if I had looked at it - that all her friends were so excited about the ideas on there.  I didn't pay much attention to her as I am sort of an old fuddy duddy and am happy with my life like it is.  That was until a professional young man probably in his 20's came into my antique store and asked me if I had looked at Pinterest.  I told him "no", but why would he suggest such a thing?  He told me that all the young women were finding ideas on there and printing out the pictures and scouring yard sales, flea markets and such for the vintage items to put together the ideas that they were finding there.  So I decided I needed to take a look - and WOW!

I have always been a fan of decorating magazines, primarily Country Decorating Ideas and Romantic Homes - in fact, it is probably those magazines that have placed so many images in my mind that I just had to get into the antique business to be able to express myself!  Well, they pale in comparison to what can be found and shared on Pinterest!  I have joined at Memories Past and Present and share pictures and ideas from my shop, but also have found and re-posted so many great ideas on my many boards there that I am about to POP!

If you have an interest in decorating with antiques, repurposing vintage items, vintage fashion, crafting, crocheting, music, tea parties, etc. I would encourage you to take a look at what Memories is sharing on its Pinterest boards, and then stop by the shop and let us help you to achieve these ideas for your home.  It's fun and I have found so much inspiration there!  Please take a look at our boards and follow us for great ideas:   www.pinterest.com/memoriespast 

This is just the beginning!  I feel a change in the air!  Keep in touch for new ideas coming out of our shop at http://www.hendersonmemories.com/

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